KBC 11: Anushka Sharma lauds rape survivor, social activist Sunitha Krishnan

Anushka Sharma is full of praise for rape survivor Sunitha Krishnan, who turned a crusader against sex trafficking. The actress is shocked to hear Sunitha’s painful story of how she was gang raped by eight men in her teen.

Talking about such heinous crimes taking place in India, she revealed that the youngest child she saved from this nightmare was only three-and-half-year-old girl who was victimised. Amitabh Bachchan was left in shock when he heard about these incidents.

Zero actress Anushka Sharma took to Twitter to laud Sunitha Krishnan and the team of KBC for helping to bring up such stories to the people of India. "The incidents and the dirty realities that a crusader like @sunita_krishnan brought to light on the KBC episode are so shocking and hurtful. She has done and is doing such incredible work in rescuing women and young girls as little as 3 years old from sex trafficking," Anushka wrote in her tweet. 

She further added, "We are grateful that people like her exist in this world. And kudos to KBC for highlighting such amazing people on the show. @SrBachchan."

Sunitha too took to Twitter and thanked Big B and the team of KBC for lending support to her mission. She wrote, "@SrBachchan Sir thank you is inadequate to describe my gratitude for your generosity to support our mission. Your compassion& courage to showcase our mission on KBC gave each Prajwala warrior extraordinary strength to continue our efforts & we will not stop. @SonyTV"

Sunitha shares her experience further, “When I felt that there is an urgent need to help these victims we created our own community of women named Prajwala which aims to contribute towards uplifting these girls. I am obliged to KBC and Mr Bachchan for giving us a platform where we can fearlessly talk about our journey with the world”.