Kavita and I did not break up due to religion, Nawab Shah

TV actors Kavita Kaushik and Nawab Shah broke up after five years of courtship and the actor revealed that their break-up has nothing to do with their respective religions. It is buzzed that Kavita and Nawab separated due to different religions.

The actor told Times of India, "I don't understand why people are making a fuss about our religious backgrounds. I want to clear this once and for all - Kavita and I broke up because we had major differences for a long time. We are strong-headed individuals and in this day and age, religion cannot be a barrier in love, especially in a city like Mumbai, where people work and live together, regardless of caste or creed. Kavita and I did try to make our five-year relationship work, but we couldn't. We have gone our separate ways and I have nothing to do with Kavita anymore."

After breaking-up with Kavita, Nawab found love again. He is in a relationship with Los Angeles-based cinematographer Diya Balki. Nawab told TOI, "I think I have found my soulmate in Diya. I believe that everything happens for the best, and currently I am in a happy state of mind. After my break-up with Kavita, I grew closer to Diya, who has been an old friend. I'll soon be going to LA for a two-month workshop. I'm looking forward to that."

Meanwhile, Kavita also moved on in life after separation. She is dating old friend Ronit Biswas.

The ‘FIR’ actress  told Times of India that she will speak about her personal life soon.

"I know my father is with me and aligning all my stars up there for me and contrary to what people think, I am actually in a spiritually happy place and will talk about my life soon. Right now, I don't want to steal Nawab's thunder. I wish him happiness with his new life," Kavita said.