Katrina’s sister Isabelle decides not to enter Bollywood

It looks like the pretty Isabelle Kaif may not be following her gorgeous elder sister Kartrina Kaif into the Bollywood industry. Isabelle will be appearing in the 2014 Indo-Canadian film, ‘Dr. Cabbie’ which is being produced by Salman Khan. But when it comes to mainstream Bollywood films, she and her family has decided against it. Apparently the issue was raised by Katrina Kaif herself. A source close to the family has shed some light into the matter, "It was felt by Katrina that the two sisters with similar personalities in the same entertainment industry can never work for the younger sister. Katrina doesn't want Isabelle to end up being the poor man's Katrina. The two sisters will pursue their acting careers in mutually exclusive domains," the source added.

Katrina has hardly any interest in doing films outside Bollywood therefore it was decided by the family after some discussion that Isabelle will concentrate on international projects. This will allow the sisters to remain in the same profession without any comparison or competition. Some time back Bollywood star Akshay Kumar, who has given many hits alongside Katrina, expressed interest to bring Isabelle into one of his projects. Eventually no substantial development happened and Isabelle’s Bollywood career looked uncertain. This may have influenced her decision to look for international films. The source has further said, "Isabelle took on Dr. Cabbie as a starter because it was not really an Indian film but a Canadian project.

‘Dr. Cabbie’ is the story of an Indian doctor who secretly worked as taxi cab driver in America. The film is being directed by Jean-Francois Pouliot and apart from Kaif stars Vinay Virmani and well known Indo-British actor Kunal Nayyar and Adrianne Palicki. Although Isabelle is not paired with the lead character of Virmani, she reportedly liked the script and decided to work in the project. However, according to the family source, she was selected after going through an audition. Her co-star Vinay Virmani has heaped praise on her by saying, “Isabelle is very good in the film. She has all the star qualities of Katrina, plus the advantage of being in no hurry to become a star.”

Isabelle Kaif was born in the year 1986 in Hong Kong. She has one brother and six sisters including Katrina. She has worked many years as a model starting her career at the young age of 14. Now it remains to be seen whether she has made the right decision regarding her acting career.