Katrina highly upset with ex-boyfriend Salman Khan

According to the latest grapevine, Katrina Kaif is highly miffed with her ex-boyfriend and superstar Salman Khan when publicly Salman referred her as Katrina Kapoor and not Katrina Kaif at Arpita’s wedding.

Arpita’s wedding was a grand affair and Katrina who is a close friend of the bride was also invited to the wedding. There was immense naach gaan the entire night after the marriage rituals and everyone had a great time together. Salman Khan who was in full mood at sister's wedding got up on the stage and danced to his superhit songs.  He then called up Katrina Kaif on the stage but shy Katrina hide herself behind Karan Johar.

Salman called up her name repeatedly but Kat was too shy to get on the dance floor and did not show her face. Salman who is known for his witty remarks teased Katrina and called her Katrina Kaif ... 'Kapoor' and said “Mai kya karoon… itna bada chance miss kiya Khan hone ka”.

Salman then requested Karan to bring Katrina on the dance floor, saying, “Karan please come here, and bring Katrina on stage. Reluctant Katrina along with Karan joined Salman and Aamir on the stage.

Katrina did not take Salman’s joke sportingly and she is seemingly unhappy with Sallu calling her Katrina Kapoor publicly. Salman’s little sister Arpita tried to cheer up Kat but the actress was in no mood to calm down.

The video of Salman Khan calling Katrina as Katrina Kapoor went viral and the diva turned red hot. But when Ranbir Kapoor was asked to comment on the same, he just laughed off.