Katrina undergoes lips surgery

After a month long, Katrina Kaif returned from holiday in Italy and what caught the attention was her changed in lips shape. According to a source, "Katrina has always wanted shapelier lips. She recently returned from a long holiday - almost three weeks.

During her trip to the USA for the Independence Day parade in Houston and Chicago, everyone first noticed the marked change in her appearance. Her lips were still puffy at the time, but now the swelling has vanished."

However, Katrina Kaif has denied the report. She says, "It's not true. I have not had any work done on my lips and to say that is ridiculous."

A source close to Katrina adds, "She can't afford to take any medication right now as she's on a very strong medication for her skin. It is called Roaccutane and she's under treatment for it under Dr Neena , a cosmetologist from Mumbai, for the last six months and will be under medication for six months more. The medicine is so strong that Katrina can't take any other medicine during this time and in fact, because Roaccutane is so harsh it gives rise to swollen, dry and chapped lips - which gives the impression as if she has done something to her lips."