Katrina to star in 'Yamla Pagla Deewana' sequel

It is a long time since the Deols have appeared on the big screen. Big brother Sunny Deol and younger Abhay had been away from the lime light for some time now. Therefore, it was good news for the Deol fans when the planning for a sequel to ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana’ became public.  Sangeeth Sivan will direct the film. Similar to the predecessor of the movie, the flick will also star brothers Sunny Deol, Abhay Deol and Papaji Dharmendra. It is going to be an all out comedy in the true spirit of the Punjabi culture.

Bobby Deol on being contacted about the film was happy to inform that the shooting for the film is supposed to start from August this year. Birmingham and other places of England are the discussed locations for the shoot.

A good foreign back drop does wonders for the movie popularity as well as provides a good paid outing opportunity to the shooting team.

As UK is the chosen spot for the movie, it makes sense to have people in the team who knows the place well. What would be better than our very own Katrina from England? She grew up there and knows the place and people very well. She is a natural choice for the role of leading lady in the sequel.

There are plenty of other reasons as well for casting Katrina in the movie. She is a sweet girl no doubt and is riding high on the popularity charts. She worked with all the three Deols during the early parts of her career, when she was trying to establish a foothold in the world of Bollywood. It was the movie ‘Apne’ in the year 2007.  The already established comfort level in working together is no doubt a positive point in her favor.

However, we haven’t heard any comments from beautiful Katrina about the film. There are disadvantages of taking up the project as well.  Since the sequel to ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana’ is going to be an all Deol affair, chances are pretty high that Katrina’s role will be sidelined and she will be nothing more than a pretty prop in the movie. Therefore, the role might not be up to the liking at this phase of her career.

The Deols have kept options open to cast other heroine just in case Katrina doesn’t join the team.