Katrina says Salman is very lazy

Only Katrina Kaif dares to make such daring comment against hot-headed Salman Khan. Other than Kat if someone else comments that Salman is very lazy than Sallu miya would have teach him or her a good lesson. Since the comment has been made by Kat, he took it easily. Salman Khan’s love Katrina Kaif not only thinks that Salman is a lazy guy but she also declared it to the whole world.

In reply to a question, Katrina shared this important insight on her twitter page about Salman, she writes, “No, Salman’s not on twitter. So you think he has the patience to update on a daily basis?? Naah, he’s quite lazy!!

Let’s wait and see how does Sallu Miya reacts to Katrina’s comment or he does feel lazy to react.