Katrina’s saree malfunction

Director Priyadarshan and choreographer Pony Verma had a hard time managing the scene when Katrina’s saree shrunk more than it should be while shooting a rain song with Akshay Kumar. Due to the long shoot in rain, Kat was completely drenched and at one point of time her saree went so high that her long leg totally exposed. On looking at the bizarre scene, the crew members just kept their eyes away from Kat.

Since the rain dance is very hot and sexy, the makers at first decided to take long shots but due to Kat’s saree malfunction, they went for close-ups.

Confirming the incident, Pony Verma said, “Yes, a costume error happened with Katrina’s saree. Therefore, we shot mostly close-ups. At the end of the day, the result was far better than we had imagined it.” 

Katrina is at ease with the incident and replied that it just one of those things which happen during shoots.