Katrina reveals everything about Akshay

Serene beauty Katrina Kaif and stunt hero Akshay Kumar is a golden on-screen couple. After delivering number of hits, the gossip mongers began to frame stories about their false love saga. But Katrina who hardly speaks her personal life in public goes candid with Farhan Akhtar on the show Oye! It's Friday and reveals all about her relationship with Akshay Kumar. She admitted that Akki is a very good friend of her.

"People think that I and Akshay are good friends. Yes, it is easy working together when it comes to Akshay but then our friendship is not the kind that I could have with my childhood or college friends", said Katrina when asked about her friends.

She admitted that Akshay has been a great inspiration to her and she has learnt dedication from him, "I have learnt dedication towards work from my co-star Akshay Kumar. If you have good talent but take it for granted, then it fails for you. However, if you have less talent but work hard towards it then you get what you want. Someone like Akshay has a good combination of both talents which he hones further by working hard on it."

Speaking about maximum hits and minimum loses that she has in her credit, Kat said, "There should be one strong point at least when a film if offered to me. No, it isn’t like I am a lucky mascot or anything but I believe in praying and hoping. I believe and pray that if you genuinely ask something it is granted."

She further adds, "I don't have enough knowledge of films but I think that a film has to have some quality control at the least. If a director is new then at the least he should have a good and strong script. On the other hand, if a director is experienced that even a new actor with a good script can work."