Katrina replaces Kareena opposite beau Salman in ‘My Punjabi Nikah’

Salman Khan has recently been promoting his girlfriend Katrina’s film career by requesting filmmakers to cast Katrina as the female lead in their films. Salman and Katrina were seen together in brother Sohail Khan’s production ‘Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya’, the two looked good together and the film too was quite a hit. Now Sohail is planning another film and the topic revolves around a wedding. Well whom better to cast than super star bro Salman and his real life love Katrina opposite him in the film ‘My Punjabi Nikah’. However earlier on Sohail Khan had finalized actress Kareena Kapoor opposite Salman for this role. However it now seems poor Kareena has been unceremoniously dropped and replaced by Katrina Kaif. Well after all Katrina is almost like family for the Khans.
Kareena Kapoor was earlier set to play the female lead in Sohail Khan’s film ‘My Punjabi Nikah’ and supposedly it was Salman who suggested Kareena’s name for the film. Kareena and Salman are said to be friends and they get along quite well. They have also done a film, Kyon Ki together and although the film was a flop their pairing was appreciated. Salman is known to also promote his friends careers and Kareena being a friend he recommended her name for the film. However now it seems Salman has probably changed his mind and decided that Katrina should be paired opposite him in the film. So when it came to choosing between friendship and love, obviously Salman an emotional guy chose love, hands down. So Kareena has now been replaced with Katrina. Salman and Katrina will once again be seen together on-screen. Sohail Khan too probably hopes that Sallu and Katz’s off-screen romance will translate on-screen.

‘My Punjabi Nikah’ is centered around the theme of marriage and Sohail probably hopes that both Sallu and Katz will be inspired by his film to actually tie the knot in real life too. Moreover there have also been rumours of Salman and Katrina being ready to finally tie the knot in December. Well if these rumours are true; this is no doubt good preparation for the two actors. Kareena though seems to be the unfortunate one out here and regarding Sohail Khan’s film she recently said “I have no idea; I haven’t heard the script either.” Meanwhile Kareena does not have too many projects on hand and she seems to be going through a rough patch where her films are either being postponed indefinitely or she is being replaced. Kareena had also recently taken almost a year long break from films and was concentrating on developing a fit body. The actress has recently lost a lot of weight and is looking extremely thin. So everyone’s wondering if Kareena too who has always had a healthy body has succumbed to the thin fad.