Prince William, Prince Harry stayed at Kate Hudosn’s house

Actress Kate Hudson made a shocking revelation about the royals, Prince William and Prince Harry . She said that Prince William and Prince Harry used to stay at her mother’s house. She hinted out that she shares a close relationship with the royal family. 

Kate said that they stayed at her mother’s house Goldie Hawn's Colorado home long time back and it was her bad luck that she couldn't meet them as she was staying in Los Angeles that time, reports

"Prince William and Prince Harry actually stayed at our house in Colorado when we were kids. I remember we were all in L.A. and they were staying with their mom at the time and we get this phone call at the house," Hudson, 32, said.

Prince William and wife Duchess of Cambridge were blessed with a baby boy whom they named Prince George. Kate said that her father Bill Hudson was informed about the birth and he was highly thrilled.

"The phone rang, someone answered, my dad gets to the phone, and, sure enough...I think it was Prince William calling my dad to ask to use the ATVs (all-terrain vehicles).

"My dad, when he got off the phone, was like, 'That's a really well-raised boy.' That's the closest I got," she said.