Katrina refused to work with Salman's foe

No one can deny this and not even Katrina Kaif that Salman is her 'Godfather'. He is the man who has introduced her to the Hindi film industry. Though Katrina many times claimed that she takes all decision by herself and does not take Salman’s advice, the truth is that the serene beauty does care for his priority. Considering his animosity with Vivek Oberoi, Katrina refused to work with him.

Salman shares a cold vibes with his ex-beau's ex boyfriend Vivek. Though Vivek had extended his hand of friendship to Sallu at an event, Salman gave a cold shoulder to his friendship invitation. She has readily agreed to work with SRK in spite of the tussle because according to her, "See, whatever happened was between the two of them. I wasn’t involved. Both have come out in the open and spoken about it to the media. But at the end of the day, they’re senior professionals from the film industry and they have been around much longer than I have."

On asking about giving cold shoulder to Vivek, she said, "There's only one person whom Salman has made his displeasure very clear about for which he has a very valid reason. I think he is very uncomfortable with his friends being around Viveik. Everyone knows about it because Salman has spoken about it."

In spite of of Salman getting into her nerves, it’s good to see Katrina acting according to Sallu Miya.