Katrina promised a car to Kabir

Utterly gorgeous Katrina Kaif is very particular about her looks in a film. She always wished to awestruck her audience with her glamorous role and look. How meticulous she is to look elegant can be measured from the very fact that she chooses and sometimes designs her own costume. In most of her flicks, she looked up to the mark but the film that disappointed her utmost is Anil Sharma's Apne. Katrina did not like the work of cinematographer Kabir Khan's at all. But when Subhash Ghai has signed the same person for Yuvraaj, it took away the smile from Kat's face. It took time to convince Katrina and she promised her cinematographer a car if he made her look up to the mark.


 The promo is out and the entire world has viewed how much glamorous she is looking in Yuvraaj. She too is satisfied with her appearance and now the time has come to fulfill her promise. She is looking appealing like never before and for that full credit goes to her cinematographer Kabir Lal. Now Ghai, too, is a witness to Kat’s promise, and he said, "She has seen the promos and is very relaxed now. She made a special mention of Kabir Lal's work to me." A twinkle came in his eyes when he added, "Katrina had promised a car to Kabir. She is a girl who does not go back on her words. She is very magnanimous by nature."

Truly, Katrina's cinematographer deserves more than that.

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