Katrina performed despite high fever

Katrina Kaif back from IIFA 2008Katrina Kaif can go to any extent to live up to her commitment. During IIFA event, she was severely suffering from viral fever but despite her illness, she performed excellently on stage. Doctors had advised her total bed rest but Katrina did not listen to them and took some antibiotics and set the stage on fire. Looking at Katrina’s crucial condition, the organizers had also suggested her to take rest and debarred her from performing at the event.  But Kat did not pay any nod to their advice and like a true professional performed live on stage.

The way she grooved, she did not make anyone known that she has been suffering from high fever. She was looking awesome and mesmerized the audience with her look and performance. Later when everyone came to know that she was actually suffering from viral fever, they praised her professionalism.  She even won the glamorous diva title. Filmmakers who had worked with Katrina knew very well that she is a true professional and can go to any extend to fulfill her commitments.