Katrina opts out of Aamir's film, chooses Ranbir

Katrina Kaif is the most sought after actress of Bollywood today and big banners are desperately looking for her dates. Being one of the busiest actresses of Bollywood, Katrina finds hard whom to say yes and whom to say no. She has given her dates to both Karan Johar-Ranbir Kapoor and Yash Raj-Aamir Khan. But due to her prior commitment to Karan Johar, she has to miss the chance of working with Aamir in 'Dhoom 3'.

Kat played safe and asked her producers to resolve the matter, “She asked both her filmmakers to sit together and take a call on which film she should do. Katrina has worked with most of the big banners, but for some reason she has not got the opportunity to work with Dharma Productions. Karan and she were very keen on working together, and were waiting for the right film to come their way”, said the source.

As of now, Katrina will start shooting for Ayaan Mukherjee’s film starring Ranbir Kapoor and let go Aditya Chopra’s ‘Dhoom 3’. Due to dates problem, it is not possible for Katrina to be a part of both the films, “Adi can`t tell Aamir to shift his dates for an actress. And Ranbir`s dates can`t be moved because he has a packed schedule. So the only option left was for Katrina to choose either of the films. Adi spoke with Karan over phone and they mutually decided that Kat should do Karan`s film. With heavy heart, Adi gave away his actress to Karan since the latter has never worked with her. It`s been a difficult decision for Katrina as well. She was looking forward to working with Aamir, and is quite disheartened to let go of such a good opportunity,” the source added.