Katrina Kaif’s mid-night drama at Mumbai airport

Katrina Kaif, who off late turned out to be so media friendly showed an altogether different picture when she landed at the Mumbai airport to head to her home in London. When media sensed that Katrina Kaif will soon be arriving at Mumbai International airport to leave for London, they in advance took their position at the airport to get some bytes and pictures of the actress.

But what appeared at the airport totally stunned the media. On knowing that media waiting for her, Katrina Kaif refused to get out of her car. She is fine to miss the flight than coming out in front of the media. She was adamant that she would not step out of the car until the media persons leave the spot.

The diva’s team tried their level best to convince her but the actress kept on refusing. Finally, media had to be requested to leave the spot.

There are few reasons for Kat not liking to face the media. Firstly, her latest film ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ drastically failed at the box-office. Secondly, she does not want to be questioned about her ex-flame Ranbir Kapoor and thirdly, she avoided being asked about her new signed film, ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ with Salman Khan.

Media shocked to see Katrina Kaif’s changing colours, sometimes reclusive and sometimes over-friendly.

In an interview, the 33-year-old actress accepted that last two years were difficult for her, not personally but professionally. She took that phase as part of her journey. "It was a difficult time for me but my movies are not the reason it was difficult. It was difficult for me for other reasons. That's what life does. It puts you through these times and you have to see where it takes you. But that is part of the film industry. You go through highs, extreme highs and then some films that don't connect at the box office," Katrina told a media agency.

Hope, Katrina Kaif recovers from all the loses very soon.