Katrina Kaif’s driver slaps her fan, leaves him into tears

Fans play a very important role in making any actor a star. A star is born when he has huge fan following, But when this fan gets assaulted in the hand of his matinee idol, he or she surely gets heartbroken. A similar incident took place on Saturday night with Katrina Kaif and one of her die-hard fans.

A selfie-seeking fan of Katrina was assaulted by the actress’s driver.  It so happened when the Kat went to her dermatologist and the fan chased her while she is returning home. The fan followed her from the clinic to her home and refused to go his way even when her car entered her building premises.

The young man shouted her name from outside her gate and begged for selfie.

And what followed next was just shocking. Katrina’s driver slapped the man and pushed him away. Saddened by the incident, the fan moved into tears.

Offlate, Kat is coming too close to her fans. She has invited her fans to her place and shared beautiful pictures on her Instagram account. This incident really took her fans by surprise.

This is not the first case any celebrities insulted their fans. Earlier also Hrithik Roshan’s bodyguard, Salman Khan’s bodyguard, Sushant Singh Rajput’s watchman rudely behaved with their fans.

Hope, celebs mend their ways and do not disrespect their fans in future and fans should also not cross their limit.