Katrina Kaif totally out of Salman Khan’s life

Salman Khan has cut all relationship with his former girlfriend and Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif. When he was dating Kat, he showered various precious gifts on the actress but now picture has been changed. Kat is no longer Sallu’s girlfriend and the superstar has also stopped gifting the actress. During the launch of Audi RS 7 Sportback in India when he was asked if he would like to gift the luxury car to Katrina, he immediately replied, "Let’s see who deserves it. May be to somebody who actually looks good in it ... it would be Katrina (Kaif). I would not like to gift her though. Let somebody else gift it to her."

When Salman Khan was dating Katina Kaif, he once gifted a black SUV to the actress and in various occasion Kat was seen driving around in the car but it was reported that she is keen to sell the precious gift.  Salman gifted Kat the black SUV during her last birthday.

“Back when Salman and Katrina were dating, the star showered many lavish gifts on her. Though they had never admitted to their romance, his gifts said a lot. But with Kat planning to sell off Salman’s token of love to her car dealer neighbour, she may have closed that chapter forever,” an insider said.

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif were couple at one point of time. Kat broke the relationship and bonded with Ranbir Kapoor.  Salman Khan has recently celebrated his 48th birthday and he threw a lavish bash at his Panvel farmhouse but Kat was not invited.

Salman shaped Katrina’s career and the superstar was keen to tie the knot with the actress but the diva was not eager to get hitched at the peak of her career and they broke up on the issue of marriage.