Katrina Kaif to shake her belly

Katrina Kaif likes to experiment new things and now she has taken the pain to shake her belly in Farah Khan’s ‘Tees Maar Khan’. Kat is a good dancer and now she will be seen shaking her belly in the film.  

Farah Khan reveals, "I've had a very good experience working with her. She is very ambitious. In fact, she is going to do an item song in TEES MAAR KHAN."

The director added, "I'm going to keep a belly dancer teacher for her. She is actually going to learn belly dancing. So, you will see her in a new very glamorous avatar."

‘Tees Maar Khan’ again brings the awesome chemistry of Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif.

Let’s wait and see the electrifying effect of Kat’s belly dance.