Katrina Kaif takes a dig at Ranbir’s mom Neetu Kapoor

Katrina Kaif nd Aditya Roy Kapoor launched the trailer of ‘Fitoor’ amidst fanfare and while speaking about opposition in love life during the press conference, she took a dig at Neetu Kapoor, the veteran actress and Ranbir Kapoor’s mom. There are instances which proved that Neetu is not in good terms with Katrina.

Asked about the difficulties one faced in love, Katrina said, "In love, opposition comes from either outside force or from the person you are in love with. "Every relationship and love story has its own conflicts. Sometimes it can be conflict of third party, of being afraid of commitment, there can be so many conflicts."

Neetu is said to have played spoilsport in Ranbir-Kat’s relationship. She was upset when son Ranbir’s moved out of the Krishna Raj bungalow and started to live with Katrina. Since then her attitude towards Katrina Kaif has changed.

Last year Neetu posted a picture on Instagram in which she has cropped Kat out of a group picture. She even decided to skip Kapoor family's annual Christmas bash and one of the reasons cited for her no show was Katrina’s presence. Katrina was seen happily posing with the entire khandaan. 

To portray certain emotions on screen, the ‘Bang Bang’ star draws from her real life experiences. "It is not necessary that you translate everything from your own life to a film. But the moments of pain, happiness, moment of love, sorrow, you can you use those moments." The director of "Fitoor", Abhishek Kapoor, said it's difficult to read the mind of women. Katrina demurred. "I disagree. I think women know their mind better than the men. I can speak for myself. I think I know my mind. I am too certain... It, probably, is my weakness. Men know their minds less.

"This character is inspired by 'Great Expectations' (Charles Dickens' novel). She has a mind of a man. Her mind is so unlike mine," she said.