Katrina Kaif sold out Salman’s expensive gift

It’s all over between Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan. Kat has found love in Ranbir Kapoor and now Sallu’s gifts means no value to her. She is all over with Salman Khan and his precious gifts. Those expensive gifts have no value in Kat’s eyes now. Katrina is all set to sell out her black SUV which Salman has presented to her during her last birthday.

When they were dating, Kat’s mentor and boyfriend Salman Khan showered on her expensive gifts and now that the actress has not relationship with the superstar, she has decided to sold the car.  

“Back when Salman and Katrina were dating, the star showered many lavish gifts on her. Though they had never admitted to their romance, his gifts said a lot. But with Kat planning to sell off Salman’s token of love to her car dealer neighbour, she may have closed that chapter forever,” an insider said.

The party who are going to buy the black SUV are tight-lipped about the deal.  

On the other hand, Katrina’s official spokesperson denied the reports claiming: “That is not true. She is keeping it. She has no intention of selling it.”

After break-up with Salman Khan, Kat has found love in Ranbir Kapoor’s arm. According to the latest report, the couple is going strong and they even started to flaunt their relationship in public. Katrina is also the choice of Ranbir’s parents and they have accepted her as their future daughter-in-law.

Both Ranbir and Katrina’s career is going great guns. Despite hectic schedule, they managed to spend quality time with each other. Recently, they are snapped together holidaying in Spain. Kat was highly depressed with the leaked images but it was finally proved that they are lovers.