Katrina Kaif’s attire causes uproar during shooting at Ajmer Dargah

A major part of Vipul Shah’s film ‘Namaste London’ has been shot in London but a small part is also being shot in India. Recently a sequence of the film was being shot at Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti Dargah (Muslim place of worship) in the holy city of Ajmer. Unfortunately though according to the Dargah committee members in spite of the fact that the film crew were not granted permission to shoot for the film, they went ahead and shot a sequence for the film involving Rishi Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. Another aspect which created an outburst amongst the committee members of the dargah was Katrina Kaif’s attire.
The film sequence required Rishi Kapoor to take his daughter Katrina in the film to the shrines in Mumbai. However though Katrina’s head was covered with a dupatta, she was seen wearing a knee length skirt which exposed part of her bare legs. This unfortunately did not go down too well with the dargah committee members who considered her attire objectionable and disrespectful to the Muslim sentiment. According to a committee member “Muslims consider it disrespectful for a woman to enter a dargah exposing her legs and hence this act of Katrina has hurt the sentiments of the community there.”

Katrina plays an NRI based in London who has forgotten Indian customs and adopted western ways. A member of the Muslim committee says “Members or officials of the shrine should not have allowed Katrina to enter the shrine premises without covering her legs completely.” However according to the officials from the dargah the issue was blown out of proportion by the media officials. Sarwar Chisti, spokesperson of the elected body of representatives at the dargah said “Nobody objected to this but the media took up the issue and created the controversy.” Chisti also claimed that it was not the duty of the dargah officials to check what celebrities wear when they come for prayer or worship.

However after the controversy broke out, producer and director Vipul Shah apologized for the act that occurred, he claimed “It was not our intention to hurt the sentiments of any particular community but if there are any objections we will not include that particular scene in the film.”