Katrina Kaif is the most dangerous

Katrina Kaif holds many titles such as sexiest woman, most searched women on net and the actress was even immortalized at Bloomingdale in New York but the most strange title that she holds is the most dangerous. World’s largest security technology McAfee Inc had done an extensive search and found Kat the second most dangerous term.

Actor Shahid Kapur stood at the fifth while Waptrick tops the most dangerous title. In Hollywood, Pamela Anderson and Jessica Alba also find place in the dangerous list for Canada. In German, Jessica Alba is the most dangerous term and in Mexico, Paris Hilton find place in the dangerous list.

Eagerly or forcibly, the surfers go to download Katrina’s pictures, open her biography, views her film and do a brief research on her. Hackers at many times persuade the customers to download her pictures.