Katrina Kaif miffed with lip-locking poster with Ranbir

Katrina Kaif is reportedly miffed with director Anurag Basu for releasing the lip-locking poster of her and Ranbir in ‘Jagga Jasoos’. However, a source dismissed this report and said, "There is no Jagga Jasoos poster of the two leads in a lip-lock."

There were also reports from the set Katrina and Ranbir’s separation hampered the shooting of ‘Jagga Jasoos’  and the film also delayed to a considerable amount of time.

But Anurag Basu maintained that Ranbir and Katrina were very professional on the set. He had said, "''Whether Ranbir or Katrina were dating or they had a break-up, that doesn't matters. They behaved like professionals on set. A film speaks for itself and we all know that. Today the audience is very smart. They sniff whether a film is good or bad. They'll wait, see the teaser and trailer and then decide whether to watch it or not. This is how we communicate our film.''

There were also reports that Katrina might not play Ranbir’s love interest in the film.

‘Jagga Jasoos’ is about a young detective who has set out to seek his missing father. The three-minute-long trailer with Ranbir’s character making musical notes with his voice. This is followed by the visuals of planes, combat tanks, and vehicles zooming on barren lands. There are glimpses of Ranbir and Katrina travelling in goods train with wild animals, escaping with a herd of ostriches. There are a lot of animals like leopard, zebra, loin cub, elephant and others in the trailer.

Jagga Jasoos’ was scheduled to release on 7th April 2017 but it again postponed.