Katrina Kaif looking for a house

Katrina Kaif is again on house hunt. The condition of her house on Waterfield road atwhich she is presently residing is horrible. With the arrival of the monsoon, the roof of the house started sucking water due to roof leakage. Most of the rooms of her house have a damp patches and it is  quite unfavorable for her to live in that particular house.

The only room that is safe is her bedroom. Hence the actress spends most of the time in her room rather moving around. Thus, she is on house hunt. This is not the first time the Katrina Kaif is unlucky with her house. She has shifted her house many times. Today the difference is earlier her ex-flame Salman Khan helped her to search a sweet residence and after Sallu Ranbir Kapoor helped her to find a suitable house. This time she is all alone.

Well, with hectic schedule Katrina has a tough time in searching for a suitable house.