Katrina Kaif knocked down

Fans are always special and very often their mistakes are unnoticed. Bollywood star Katrina Kaif owes a lot to her fans and so she did not mind when she was knocked down by one of her ardent fans while interacting with Indians at the Independence Day parade in Houston.

Recalling the incident, Kat said, "I was knocked off my feet and fell. Considering it was a 12-year old boy half my size, it did take me my surprise. But I didn't mind.

When you go for these fan interactions, you can't be finicky about people getting too close and not giving you space, etc.

They do want to shake hands, get clicked with you, sign papers etc. I love to mingle with them. And I did so to my heart's content in Houston and Chicago. So what if some got over-excited? Shows how much they love me."

Katrina knows very well that she lacks in many things but it is the love of her fans that keeps her going and she thanks them for recognizing her talent and obliged them for what she is today.