Katrina Kaif ignores Malaika Arora Khan

Katrina Kaif and Mallika Arora Khan cold war continues. Their enmity is going strong with every passing day and taking ugly turns. Malaika and Katrina are not in talking terms for a long time and their differences are quite noticeable. They ignored each other at Ganpati puja. They didn’t share pleasantries at the festival .

Katrina Kaif was invited for the Ganesh Chaturthi festival at Salman Khan’s sister Alvira’s house at Bandra residence and they did not talk to one another.  The two ladies were not in good terms for a long time and the reason is best known to them. On looking at the two beauties, it is clear there is no room for kiss and patch-up between them. Katrina spoke to all the family members of Salman Khan except Malaika Arora Khan.

Their rivalry kick-start when the diva passed out unpleasant remarks about Malaika’s recently opened  online fashion store. Kat’s remark did not go well with Salman Khan’s sister-in-law and since then they hardly communicated. They avoided crossing paths.

Malaika was never in good terms with Katrina and when she broke-up with Salman Khan, Malaika totally stopped talking to Katrina.