Katrina Kaif gets a tan look for 'Bang Bang'

The fair and beautiful Katrina Kaif is serious about her acting and tries are hardest to make a mark with her performances. She is having a good run of popularity at the box office. Even she is starring in the two most awaited films of the year, ‘Dhoom 3’ and ‘Bang Bang’.

However, both are action movies and Katrina Kaif is the leading lady in both the flicks. Not only that, in both the flicks she would be doing breath taking action sequences and stunt scenes aka Lara Croft. After her hit item numbers, both the films are also to have her perform gyrating dance moves with the heroes on the dance floor.

In ‘Dhoom 3’ Aamir Khan will have action sequences and dance steps which will be markedly different from what Hrithik Roshan is going to perform in the film ‘Bang Bang’. But Katrina being the common factor in both the films she needed to portray the two roles differently.  After lot of brain storming the team members of the film projects came up with a brilliant idea. They decided to get Katrina tanned, toasted and darker for ‘Bang Bang’. This will give her a distinctly different look from the role she is portraying in ‘Dhoom 3’.

A close source speaking about the idea of Katrina appearing different in the films, said, “The first thing Katrina did to ensure that the two films don’t look similar was to change her own look. In Bang Bang she is tanned, looking several shades darker than her usual self.” At present the beautiful diva is in Thailand, soaking the sun rays, lying on the pristine beaches of the country and getting ready to don that perfect tan that will make her look completely different but ravishing.

Another close source related to the film project, commenting on Katrina’s getup change said, “It’s vital to get Bang Bang to look different from Dhoom 3. They both occupy the same action-caper space. While Hrithik and Aamir’s action sequences would be radically different from one another Katrina has decided to change everything from skin-tone to accent to clothes and hairstyle in Bang Bang. She wants the audience to feel the difference when they move from Dhoom 3 to Bang Bang.”

We are sure that Katrina will do a good job in both the movies. We wish her all the best for both the films.