Katrina Kaif finds her soul-mate

Katrina Kaif has fallen in love again. She finds a new boyfriend in her life and his name is Czar. Humorously, Czar is two and a half yr old son of choreographer turned filmmaker Farah Khan. Czar is crazy about Katrina and so is Kat. On the set of ‘Tees Maar Khan’, both gelled like two bodies and one soul.   

Though small, Czar is quite smart to grab Kat’s attention. When Kat was not shooting, she was seen spending time with her new boyfriend. Czar accompanies her mom on the set of ‘Tees Maar Khan’.

Previously, it was reported that Czar only allowed Kat to kiss on his cheeks. He even gets angry when his mom cast a kiss on his cheeks. Czar finds Katrina Kaif extremely beautiful.