Katrina Kaif finally dumps Salman Khan

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif are the new alleged couple of Bollywood. Their romance is the talk of the town. They are seen at public places together. Recently, they were seen holidaying abroad. Also, Katrina accompanied Ranbir to Srilanka, where latter is shooting for ‘Bombay Velvet’. Under such circumstances, Katrina for sure does not want to keep any memory of her ex boyfriend, Salman Khan. It can be said that the actress has moved on in her relationship with Salman Khan and so she wanted to get rid of an expensive gift that Salman showered to her, when they were in a relationship.

Salman had gifted Katrina an expensive black colored SUV on one of her birthdays. The news buzzed in the industry and people talked about their intense love, though Salman and Katrina never got open about their relationship. Now Katrina wanted to sell off her sparkling SUV. According to a close source, “Back when Salman and Katrina were dating, the star showered many lavish gifts on her. Though they had never admitted to their romance, his gifts said a lot. But with Kat planning to sell off Salman’s token of love to her car dealer neighbour, she may have closed that chapter forever.”

The transaction involved a hefty sum. But the transaction amount is not known as both the parties wanted to avoid unnecessary attention and so the transaction was closely guarded. However, it is said that Katrina is still using the SUV as the dealer is yet to deposit entire amount of transaction. Katrina’s spokesperson rejected the entire news and said, “That is not true. She is keeping it. She has no intention of selling it.”

Salman and Katrina were very close when they were in a relationship. Salman helped Katrina with her Bollywood career. He also helped her find an apartment to stay in Mumbai. The actress has great regards for Salman. Even after their break up, Salman and Katrina have remained in talking terms. She still visits Salman and his family at galaxy, which is Salman’s apartment.

When Salman and Katrina broke off, Salman’s father, Salim Khan had said, “I can’t say if Katrina is in Salman’s life. If a marriage decision stretches for so long, it usually does not happen. Whenever girls have come into Salman’s life, they were looking to be movie stars. So settling down was the last thing on their minds.”