Katrina feeling nervous about working with Aamir

Katrina Kaif has been roped to play lead actress in Yash Raj’s ‘Dhoom 3’ opposite Aamir Khan. For the first time, the soft and delicate Barbie doll will be seen doing some tough stunts. Kat for the very first time will be seen doing some actions in the movie. The actress will undergo rigorous training session. Katrina is feeling very nervous as she has not done this before.The diva is having butterflies flying in her stomach.

She has to match the form of her co-star Aamir Khan. For the next ten days, the actress will be undergoing rigorous training for four hours, every day at the Yash Raj Studios where a floor has been specially booked for the practice sessions.


"The sessions are basically to determine what my stamina is like and how much I can take. Which is what is scaring me," Kat said.

Grapevine is that Aamir will be playing a ballet dancer in the film but Kat’s role has not yet been revealed. The actress is full of praise for Aamir, "Just look at him. He`s maintained himself so well. It`s amazing. Even Hrithik, he`s always so fit. Women can`t work out so strenuously like that, you know. Our shoulders are not so strong. You ask a woman to do pull-ups and you`ll know," she said.