Katrina Kaif's dinner used to be at 6.30 in the evening, Salman Khan

Currently, Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan are busy with the promotion of their upcoming film, ‘Bharat’. During an interview with India Today Television, Katrina Kaif was asked to name three personalities (living or dead) that would like to go for dinner. One of the names was PM Narendra Modi.

When the 35-year-old was asked to name three personalities that she would like to have dinner with, she said, "Marilyn Monroe, Narendra Modi ji and Condoleezza Rice."

Salman Khan, who was also a part of the interview intervened, "Where does Salman Khan fit in this?" To which Katrina replied, "But who I have not had dinner with."

"But actually, I haven't had dinner with Salman Khan. He doesn't go out to dinners," added Katrina.

Salman also revealed the real reason for not going out on dinner with Katrina. The superstar said, "Her dinner used to be at 6.30 in the evening, that used to be my lunch time."

When the same question was asked to Salman Khan, he said, "I am most comfortable having dinner with these three people - I, me, myself. No seriously, I would have my lunches and dinners at home with family."

Unconvinced with Salman's reply, Katrina asked, "What about coffee conversations? Any three people you want to meet?"

Katrina even had a few suggestions for Salman, "Mother Teresa? Gandhiji? Nehruji?"

"I would love to meet them, but there is still a lot of time," said Salman.

Katrina and Salman are again coming together to ablaze the silver screen with ‘Bharat’. The film is set to hit the screens on June 5.