Katrina Kaif can’t stay away from boyfriend Ranbir

They deny being in a relationship but the truth is something different. Katrina and Ranbir should now accept that they are seeing each other as there are ample of proves that they are seeing each other and they are more than friends. In the 70’s Ranbir’s parents Rishi and Neetu Kapoor did not hesitate to declare their love singing‘khullam khulla pyar karenge’ but why the couple of 21st century is denying the fact that they are dating each other. Well, the reason is best known to them.

Katrina seems can’t stay away longer from her beau and if hectic work schedule keeps her away from her beau for a long time, she finds time in between shoots to spend some quality time with her boyfriend. As the Kapoor lad was shooting in Chandigarh for Anurag Basu’s ‘Besharam’, Kat reportedly flew down to Chandigarh to spend some quality time with him. An onlooker reveals the two lovebirds got coohie-cooing and too intimate in the first class cabin of an airplane.

It was not too long when Ranbir was seen spotted outside the studio and picking his ladylove when Katrina was shooting late night. Whenever the duo gets time from hectic shooting schedule, they spend time together.

Katrina also bonds with Ranbir’s parents. Neetu has a liking for her and when she performed in front of live audience at the Filmfare Awards, Katrina comforts her and asked her to perform fearlessly.

Katrina and Ranbir’s relationship was accepted by Ranbir’s parents too. Both are young and charming and look awesome together.

In the beginning of the career, Ranbir dated Deepika Padukone but after few months they separated. Kat too has her share of story, she was close to Salman Khan but both amicably drifted apart.