Katrina invites Ranbir, Arjun, Alvira to her sister’s wedding

Katrina Kaif is currently busy planning her sister Natasha’s wedding which is scheduled to take place at the end of this month. The wedding will take place in London and very selected people from Bollywood would attend Kat’s sister’s wedding. She has few friends in Bollywood and has send invitation to them. Her boyfriend Ranbir Kpaoor, rakhi brother Arjun Kapoor, filmmaker Ayan Mukherjee and Ali Abbas Zafar are likely to attend the wedding.

The actress is totally involved in planning every aspects of the wedding from trousseau to the food to be served.

Katrina will not only finalize the bride’s wedding outfit but she has also taken the charge of the wedding outfits of all her family members.

According to sources close said that Katrina will also be a bridesmaid at the wedding. A friend of the actress says, "Katrina is very excited about her sister's wedding. She has been coordinating the meetings between Natacha and designers in Mumbai to get the clothes done in time not just for the bride but also the entire family."

In fact, to help Kat with the wedding preparations, her entire family has flown down to the Mumbai. Apart from the garments, the actress is also said to be taking special interest in the menu for the wedding feast. She is in constant coordination with the Indian designers.

Natasha’s wedding is one of the prime reasons why she is away from the limelight after the entire episode of her leaked photo with boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor and this is why she chose to skip Shahrukh Khan’s Eid bash.

"On the day of Shah Rukh Khan's Eid celebrations, Kat's family had actually thrown a party for Natacha. Since the actress is going to be busy shooting for her films, she will fly to London for the ceremony directly and then leave later to resume her work," adds her friend.

However, Katrina’s close friend denied that the actress is busy with the wedding preparation of her sister.  She said “Her sisters are very self-sufficient.They are independent emotionally and financially  So really, all this talk suggesting that the star-sister has taken over the show is untrue. There have been reports that Katrina has been busy wedding-shopping for her sister. When, in fact her mom and Natasha have made all the arrangements.”