Katrina in search of a house near Salman’s home

For quite sometime, Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif has been on a house hunt. Property dealers are in constant touch with the actress’s manager and updated Katrina about a new lucrative property. Katrina has a hectic schedule and very busy life; she sometimes wants to get out those light, camera and action and wants a home away from the shouts, media interference. She is desperately looking for a sea facing residence in Bandstand since it is a great and plush location in Mumbai but it seems impossible because getting property in such pretty location is tough.

If not Bandstand, she is ok with Juhu at least she could see the sea on rising up. Bandstand is a home to India’s some of the finest super stars like Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Rekha, Jackie Shroff and Farhan Akhtar to name a few and Katrina wants to be their neighbor but it seems tough.

It was also reported that Katrina Kaif showed interest in filmmaker Salim Akhtar bungalow and she was ready to buy the property which is at a stone throw distance from Ajay Devgn's office and director Muzaffar Ali's house. Salim Akhtar ‘s bungalow is up for sale since the last couple of years and he also tweeted couple of times about his property sale. When Kat was informed about this, she showed her interest in purchasing it but later had a change of mind due to some reasons best known to her.

Hope, Katrina gets her dream house soon.