Bikini-clad Katrina happy to be clicked with Ranbir

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif have been dodging the media for a while now. There have been rumors about the two being in love for quite some time but they have consciously avoided the question. In fact, the two had gone to the extent of timing their entries and exits from social gatherings in such a way so that no one doubts that they are in a relationship.

However, pictures speak a thousand words. Of late, news of the couple dating and romancing in different parts of the world has surfaced and that confirms that the two are more than just friends. It all started with the birthday bash of Arjun Kapoor, the Ishaqzaade star. Katrina reportedly stormed out of the party after Ranbir did not oblige to her request to spend more time with her than his friends. Later, Ranbir with his wooing ways, won over her and the two flew to Spain for holidaying with director Ayan Mukherji.

It was here that they were snapped covertly and the pictures were released in the media. The pictures showed them getting close on the beaches. Recently at the screening of the Ship of Theseus, Ranbir sang a song for Katrina. On her birthday, she received expensive diamond earrings from Ranbir. It seems that they have finally accepted their relationship. And it’s not just them. Their parents too seem to be fond of each other. They have been seen dining with each other’s families.

Katrina does not seem to mind the exposure that their relationship has received in the past few days. The modus operandi of the clandestine clickers offended her but the end justified the means. She feels that the pictures have served a dual purpose. It confirms that both she and Ranbir are over their ex flames, Salman Khan and Deepika Padukone. Salman is currently considering marriage with his blonde girlfriend, Lulia Vantur. Meanwhile there were rumors that Ranbir and Deepika have come close again following the success of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, a blockbuster movie in which the two scorched the screen with their romance.

As we speak now, Ranbir and Katrina are having a gala time together in Sri Lanka. Ranbir is there to shoot for his movie ‘Bombay Velvet’ opposite Anushka Sharma. With Hrithik Roshan advised rest till November leading to the postponement of 'Bang Bang', Katrina had all the free time to accompany Ranbir on his shooting schedule.