Katrina feels shy to shake her body

Katrina Kaif in Singh Is KinngAnother angle of Katrina’s personality has come into forefront while she was shooting for Singh Is Kinng. In a dance sequence, Katrina need to bent forward and shake her body before the camera. But the dance step seemed so awkward to kat that she was hesitant to perform it. Her attire has also made her feel far more uncomfortable. Katrina was wearing a low-neck dress that was also very short from below.

She was practicing under Remo’s supervision. Remo tried to persuade her in many ways but still she was reluctant to perform. Remo cannot discard the step as it was one of the highlights of the song. To make Katrina feel ease, he made her female assistant to do the same step. When Katrina was satisfied, she rehearsed the step number of times before the final shooting.

Singh Is Kinng is touted to be another hyped film of 2008. Much has been spend on its making. Cine-goers are looking forward to see the sizzling Katrina-Akshay’s pair for the fourth time.