Katrina cuts ties with Ranbir, goes back to Salman

Katrina Kaif still maintains a relationship status with Salman Khan though that status might be of friendship. Katrina had a fall out with Ranbir Kapoor and now she is getting in closer to Salman Khan again.

Katrina told that she is very much connected with Salman and is just a message away from him. She said, “Salman Khan is always there, he is always just a message away. I am still very much in touch with him.” Well, is that really true especially after Kat’s link up with Ranbir?

Talking about her affair with Ranbir Kapoor, Kat said, “I can't say anything till any bit of it is official. I might be in a relationship today but tomorrow it might break. When I give my general opinion also on relationships, people misinterpret it. So I have stopped talking about these things. It is very important to guard your life and relationship because if you won't people will keep misinterpreting them.”

Katrina is very close to Salman’s sister Alvira. Talking about her relation with Salman’s sister, Katrina said, “Salman Khan's sister Alvira was among the first few friends I had in this industry. Malaika's son is a very shy boy but among the female guests, who visited Salman's home, I was the only one he would come to.” Well, it seems that shy boy fell for beauty as well.

Recently Salman hosted an award function. In that function, he dummied Karan Johar’s popular chat show and called it ‘Sharbat With Salman’. He invited Karan on stage and in a rapid fire round, asked him to rate Bollywood heroines on the meter of honesty. Karan placed Katrina at the bottom. Salman intervened him and asked him to keep Kat a little higher on honesty meter.

Later when Kat was asked about it, she said, “If Salman has said that then it is a very important thing. We should always respect what Salman says.” Well, compliments never hurt.

But is Ranbir affected by increasing affinity between the ex lovers?

Well, Ranbir was seen partying hard on Valentine’s night with a bunch of male friends at a posh night club. He was spotted there till the wee hours of the morning. That simply tells that on Valentine’s night he chose to spend time with friends and not his alleged girl friend Katrina Kaif.

Is everything right between Ranbir-Kat love story or are they headed for a split? Keep reading as we get you more on this.
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