Katrina and Akshay suffered injuries during filming

Akshay Kumar got a hard blow to the head by her co-star Katrina Kaif using her own head, at that time Katrina and Akshay were shooting for a rain song for Farah Khan's film Tees Maar Khan last week at Malshej.  "Akshay and I were doing a song where some lines had to be shot in the rain. They kept splashing water on my face and I was screaming as it was choking me! After one such splash, Akshay was to pick me up romantically and hold me in his arms. But when they drenched me in water and I couldn't breathe I lashed my head out and whacked him hard in the face by mistake!" Katrina describes how it went down.
According to Katrina, Akshay got stunned for a bit "Poor Akki! I felt terrible as he must have hurt his head badly but Akshay can bear a lot of pain and he kept saying it was all right. He's one person who has never cancelled a day's shoot despite being unwell or having an accident on the sets. He takes his medicines and completes the shoot quietly without any fuss. Farah asked him if he wanted to take a break. He refused." Katrina added. 
Talking about her role in the movie, "I play a cute, funny, ditzy, lovable wannabe actress in the film. It's glamorous but louder and more exaggerated than the roles I have done before." Katrina said. 
This won't be the first time the two actors injured during filming.  Katrina last suffered an injury to her nose while shooting a similar rain-dance scene with Ranbir Kapoor in Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani, while Akshay's got injured on the sets of Patiala House recently.