Kat speaks about marriage, hubby and kids

Katrina Kaif might be Bidesi in outlook but she is Desi by heart. She too believes that marriage, husband and kids are very important in life and she gives top priority to those relations. She states, “I belong to the mindset where having a husband and children are very important. I dream of being married and having kids and living happily ever after. That's me. "

Though Katrina Kaif admits marriage is very important, when it comes to confess her love, she always takes the backseat. She never cleared the weather of doubts whether she still loves Salman Khan or she has thrown him away.

Now rumor is doing the rounds that she is in a serious relationship with charming and dashing Ranbir Kapoor.

Hope, Kat confesses her love for one particular person and don’t keep Salman waiting.