Katrina divulges the truth about her father

Bollywood most sought after actress Katrina Kaif is single handedly brought up by her mother who is a Harvard graduate and a lawyer but now associated with a charitable organization. Katrina misses her father a lot who belongs to a very affluent family but at the same time looks upon her mother with great regards as she has alone brought up her six sisters and one brother. Kat reveals that the separation was mutual and personal and so there is no any bitter feeling. 

Katrina Kaif might be a famous and successful but she too like other girls wanted to be her dad’s daughter, “When I see friends who have wonderful fathers who are like pillars of support for their families, I say, if only I had that. But instead of complaining, I should be grateful for all the other things I have.”

Now that Kat is famous, will her father come back to her? Kat replied, “No, he is not that kind of a man. He is very decent and comes from a good family and they went their own ways because of issues which are personal. He is an affluent person, so he is not going to come back because his daughter is now famous.”

Katrina does not have any complaint with life as she has got a wonderful family. She owes everything to her mother who has taught her every child to be strong and live life freely.

“My parents separated when we were very young. We were raised by my mother who did a wonderful job. She raised us with the belief and inspiration to find oneself in the world. Live your dreams and find what is going to make you live life freely. She made us tough and she wasn’t the kind of mother who told us to go to college and get a degree and become a doctor or a lawyer. She herself had found her fulfillment in things that were off-beat,” Katrina added.