Karnataka bans 'Vishwaroopam'

The release of “Vishwaroopam” has been stepping in and out of incessant hurdles. First it had been the DTH release of the film that caused trouble for actor- filmmaker Kamal Haasan. Second, the film could not find distributors. Now when things are better, the film has been banned not only in Tamil Nadu but Karnataka as well.

Certain organizations have protested against this film being screened as it might portray Muslims in a bad light. This might hurt the sentiments of the people of this community. Following this the Tamil Nadu government has decided to ban the film for about two weeks only to maintain peace and harmony. The theatre owners have been stopped from screening this film on this Friday.

On Tamil Nadu’s ban on his film Kamal Haasan had been shaken up, especially on his film being accused of disrespecting a community. He said, “I have been ruthlessly used as a vehicle by small groups who seek political profile. Icon bashing is a great way to be noticed when you are not one yourself. It is happening again and again. Any neutral and patriotic Muslim will surely feel pride on seeing my film. It was designed for that purpose.”

He added, “I am not only hurt by these accusations of denigrating a community but my sensibilities are truly insulted. Now I will rely on law and logic to come to our support. This kind of cultural terrorism will have to stop.”

He also revealed that he had screened his film for his Muslim friends whose positive response overwhelmed him. However, the incident of his film being “construed to be against my Muslim brothers” has greatly ‘appalled’ him.

He also thanked his fans who lent their support to him. He said, “I have always gone beyond the call of my duty as an actor to voice my opinion in favor of what was humane and civil. I have been part of an organization called Harmony India which worked for Hindu-Muslim amity.”

Now the film has got banned in Karnataka as well. When the distributor of this film in Karnataka, H. D Gangaraju was contacted he said he had been referring to other distributors and was also considering some legal help. However, he had not taken any concrete decision till then. He said, “In the view of Id-e-Milad on Friday and Republic Day on Saturday, I don’t want to take any chances.”

Kamal Haasan clearly has been furious over the state of Tamil Nadu banning his film, wonder what he has to say on this latest development.