Karisma’s husband not invited to Kareena's wedding

Karisma Kapoor’s husband businessman Sanjay Kapur absent from the big fat wedding of Kareena throwing a clear signal that Karisma and Sanjay’s marriage is on the troubled water. For almost a year, the news of their disturbed marriage covered space. But none Sanjay and Karisma’s came clear in public about their troubled married life.

After the affair of Sanjay with socialite Priya Chatwal surfaced, Karisma left Sanjay forever to start life in a fresh way. Due to Sanjay’s extramarital affair, his own family also abandoned him. His parents and sister loves Karisma and dead against his affair with Priya.

It was reported that Sanjay wished to attend Kareena’s wedding with his girlfriend but his family and Karisma did not allow him to play spoilsport and destroy the pleasant environment of the marriage. They asked Sanjay not to attend the wedding and in a heated argument, Sanjay even spilled a glass of wine on his sister’s face. Sanjay’s family loves Karisma a lot and they graced Kareena’s wedding reception. But Sanjay was not invited.

Sanjay’s family supports Karisma and they are deeply moved with the tough phase she is going through in her life.

Karisma’s marriage with Sanjay was on the verge of separation but the actress wants to give a second chance to her wedding. Sanjay never made any attempt to save his marriage and sort out the differences between them.

Karisma has two children from Sanjay, a girl named Samaira and a boy Kiaan.