Karisma’s hubby preparing to spoil Saifeena’s wedding

Karisma Kapoor on one hand is trying to get over her failed marriage to Delhi based businessman Sanjay Kapoor while on the other hand her ruthless husband is preparing to play spoilsport at Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s wedding.

Report is doing the rounds that Sanjay insists on bringing his new girlfriend socialite Priya Chatwal to the Saifeena wedding. He had a heated argument over the issue as neither Karisma’s family nor his family are in favor of his decision. All are trying to convince Sanjay that he should not invite his girlfriend to the wedding as it might spoil the pleasant environment of the wedding when Karisma and Priya would come face to face.

But stubborn Sanjay is not ready to listen to them. It is heard that the argument turned so ugly that Sanjay even threw a glass of wine on his sister Mandira’s face who is very close to Karisma.

Sanjay and Karisma’s relationship are going to rough patch. Though Karisma and his family tried to save their marriage in various ways but Sanjay did not show any effort from his side. For a long time, Karisma has left Sanjay’s house and is staying with her mother in Mumbai.

Their troubled marriage made headlines couple of times. Karisma left home when her daughter Samaira was small but then Sanjay brought her back assuring that he would change himself. But he showed no sign of improvement in his habit and stayed connected with his girlfriends.

After the birth of their baby boy, things are assumed to go the right way but all the efforts again turned into vain. Babita couple of times tried to settle the differences but Sanjay showed no interest.

Though they are not legally divorced, it is heard that Karisma has filed for divorce from Sanjay.