Karisma speaks about her troubled marriage

Karisma Kapoor has been in the news for a long time for her disturbed marriage with Sanjay Kapoor. But this time, she has grabbed everyone’s attention for her glam look on the cover page of Harper’s Bazaar. She has posed for the cover page of January-February 2011 issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

In this special issue, Karisma Kapoor talks about the in and out of her marriage, her return to Bollywood, fitness, style and life between Mumbai and Delhi.

Speaking about her disturbed marriage, Karisma said, "I wouldn't like to answer any personal questions ¦ But it's up and down [between Delhi and Mumbai]. Today, it's fun to have a busy life in that sense, go up and down. The modern couple and modern life today are all about jetsetting."

When she was asked why she could not adjust in Delhi, she quickly replied, "Honestly, that's absolutely not true. I love Delhi. I think it's a wonderful city. I've been in and out of Delhi for so long now and I've made two-three good friends too. And the food in Delhi ¦ You can't beat the food there."

Karisma Kapoor who is a mother of two children looks still slim and trim and soon she will make her comeback in films. She is looking into some scripts but still not decided her comeback venture.