Karisma settles in her new role with elan

Karisma KapurKarisma Kapur’s small screen charisma hasn’t quite translated into scorching TRPs for Karishma – The Miracles Of Destiny (Sahara Manoranjan) but she’s not worrying at all (she’s at that stage in life when such things don’t scare her).

Marriage has certainly worked wonders for Karisma who’s completely...
...unruffled by mundane things like TRPs and box-office ratings and only works for “creative satisfaction” because, as she insists she’s in a position to “pick and choose” her roles.

She is also trying to "Cook. I want to learn it when I have time and rustle up an innovative dinner,” but childhood friend-husband Sunjay Kapur is “extremely understanding. He never makes any demands and doesn’t expect me to sit home and cook.”

In fact, Karisma admits that but for her supportive “husband and in-laws, I wouldn’t have been able to continue acting. They’ve understood my love for acting. The smell of greasepaint is something I’ve grown up with and if you’ve been doing something for 14 years then it’s tough to give it up.”

Shuttling between Mumbai and Delhi can be easy if you "balance your time well. I live in Mumbai 15 days a month, although I sometimes travel to Hyderabad and Chennai to complete my film commitments (Zamanat and Mere Jeevan Saathi). So far I’ve managed to straddle both my lives with ease."

Delhi is a city she’s particularly fond of: "I’ve got family here and I love it. Delhi has its own charm, warm people, open spaces, greenery and amazing street food. Actually life’s perfect now and I don’t want too much from it now." Not that Bollywood would’ve given a married actress, approaching 30 a second chance anyway!