Karisma, Sanjay headed for splitville!

All is not well in Karisma and Sanjay Kapur’s paradise. Their marital discord has been making news for quite a long time and now things are quite vivid that their marriage life is truly under serious threat. For quite a long time, Karisma is residing in Mumbai while Sanjay in Delhi. He hardly visits his wife in Mumbai and Karisma also does not visit or stays with Sanjay in Delhi.

In the friend’s circles, there is a hush-hush that Sanjay and Karisma headed for splitville and one of the reasons is Sanjay’s growing proximity with the ex-wife of a New York-based wealthy hotelier.

Sanjay is now very often spotted in the company of the divorce socialite in high profile parties. The way they mingle give a clear indication that they are more than just friends. Says a source, "They seem to have been throwing caution to the wind, of late."

Adds the source, "The two seemed to have found solace in each other as both have had their share of troubled marriages."

Sanjay was earlier married to fashion designer Nandita Mahtani but after getting divorced from Nandita, he married to Karisma in 2003.

Karisma had two children from Sanjay. After the birth of the second child, it was assumed that everything was fine between them and both settled their sour but in actuality things kept shoddier every moment.