Karisma Kapoor to reunite with estranged hubby Sunjay Kapur

News is doing all the rounds that Karisma Kapoor might reunite with her estranged husband Sanjay Kapur. Karisma and Sanjay already filed for divorce in May and the final settlement is due this November but stories are doing the rounds that Karisma might not divorce Sanjay. The reason behind this decision is the alimony which Karisma has settled for but Sunjay not in favour to pay such huge alimony to Karisma and his kids for maintenance.

Earlier, it was heard that Sunjay’s mother doesn’t favour her son’s girlfriend, Delhi socialite Priya Sachdev and so the separation might not take place but after going deep into the matter, it is learnt that the divorce deferred due to the alimony.

Sunjay, who is still moving along with Priya is not ready to pay the huge alimony which Karisma has demanded. A few months Karisma and Sunjay has a huge showdown because Karisma did not let him see his children, (10-year-old daughter and a 5-year-old son) and in return Sunjay stopped sending her money. And now Sunday refused to pay her the huge alimony.

A source close to Sunjay explains, “Karisma might get alimony but that sum would be just about one-tenth of Sunjay’s wealth. Considering his wealth, why should she settle for such a small amount?”

An out-of-court settlement is not working between them as Sunjay is again in no mood to  bow down to the huge alimony.

Karisma, who is rumoured to be dating Sandeep Toshniwal, CEO of Eurolife Healthcare Pvt Ltd is also going through worse situation. Her relationship with Sandeep is not progressing further as Sandeep’s wife Ashrita is not ready to sign on the divorce paper. “Their relationship has no future because Sandeep’s wife Ashrita is not ready to sign on the divorce papers. In such a scenario, how does Karisma’s high-maintenance life go on?”