Karisma Kapoor, Sandeep Toshniwal- Is marriage on the cards?

Sandeep Toshiwal, who is secretly dating actress Karisma Kapoor is looking for a suitable abode. He is on house hunt and looking for a spacious home in Bandra. Sandeep and Karisma are dating for quite sometime and the couple was spotted together in various occasions. As now Sandeep is looking for a 3-BHK spacious apartment, it gave rise to the rumour that the rumored lovebirds are contemplating marriage or planned to move in together.

Karisma is a free bird. She is legally divorced from her estranged husband Sanjay Kapur but Sandeep is still struck in an ugly divorce battle with his wife Ashrita, who is a dentist by profession. Ashrita, who has two daughters with Sandeep is not ready to leave him at any cost. She is highly miffed with Sandeep’s extramarital relationship with Karisma and blames the actress for causing rift between her and Sandeep.

However, it is also learnt that Ashrita and Sandeep have filed for divorce and the former categorically asked the courts to grant her full custody of their daughters thereby only allowing visitation rights to Sandeep. 

She has also requested the courts to allow Sandeep to meet their daughters at their Mumbai home only(which the ex-couple once shared). She fears that if Sandeep meets their daughters elsewhere then they would come in contact with Karisma Kapoor and would cause them emotional harm.

Their divorce petition reads, 'In the order dated 9 November 2012 the Family Court had specifically held that access outside the matrimonial home at any other place was not advisable, on the prima facie finding that the Respondent was in an intimate relationship with a person other than his wife'.

Karisma met Sandeep in a party thrown by a mutual friend. Their meetings increased consequently and they came closer.

Sandeep, the CEO of a pharmaceutical company, is also seeking divorce from his wife. Says a source, “Sandeep and Karisma were introduced by common friends and have been inseparable ever since.  Karisma has already filed for divorce; now it is being said that Sandeep, who is a father to two daughters, is also seeking divorce from his wife.”

The source adds that the couple is very fond of each other and they want to spend the rest of their life together. “They seem to be serious about their relationship. It is heartening to see that someone can find love again. Both Karisma and Sandeep share a lot of interests they recently celebrated Karisma’s birthday together. They might marry by the end of the year,” says the source.