Karisma Kapoor not willing to speak about Sunjay Kapur

At the Femina Beauty Awards, Karisma Kapoor was asked about her long impending divorce with Sunjay Kapur but the Bollywood actress chose not to comment on the matter, she said: "No comments, thank you," and walked away.

The divorce petition filed by her husband Sunjay Kapur claimed that the actress had married him for his money and that she had failed not only as a wife and daughter-in-law but also as a mother. He also claimed that she didn't allow meeting him with his kids and his father also died with a desire to meet his grandchildren at the last minute in his heart.

Karisma's lawyer had said that they'll tell the court that he was causing great harm to the children by spreading false stories in the public.

Karisma, who was last seen in ‘Dangerous Ishq’ is not ready to return to silver screen, "I selectively leave the house. I think family is most important and my kids are most important. So I'm very happy being at home, so now you'll ask me if I'm going to do a film, but I'm not ready to do a movie, and whenever I feel like doing it, I will do it."

Married in 2003, Sunjay and Karisma has two kids Samaira and Kiaan. The couple filed for a divorce by mutual consent and currently indulge in a fight regarding children's’ custody and alimony.